Senate Report Claims Obama Admin Wasn’t Prepared to Respond to Russian Hacking

A new Senate report has indicated that the Obama administration what unprepared to respond to the hacking attempts of the Russians.

According to The Hill:

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report Thursday that found that the U.S. government was “not well-postured” to counter Russian interference attempts in 2016, and strongly encouraged the Trump administration to take steps to prepare for future interference attempts.

The bipartisan report is the third volume released by the committee stemming from its three year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, examines how the Obama administration responded to reports of Russian interference, and how future administrations can improve on this response.

The committee found that the U.S. government did not have the policy options necessary to counter Russian interference in 2016. It also found that the Obama administration was partially constrained from responding to the hacking and disinformation targeting by Russian actors due to the concern that warning of election interference would undermine the public’s confidence in elections.

“The Committee found that the U.S. Government was not well-postured to counter Russian election interference activity with a full range of readily-available policy options,” the committee wrote in the report. “One aspect of the administration’s response–high-level warnings of potential retaliation–may or may not have tempered Moscow’s activity.”

The committee urged Trump and future presidents to not let personal politics keep them from addressing election security.


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