Here is What Trump Is Doing for Independence Day

President Trump’s parade for July 4th will include some armored vehicles to showcase America’s might and love for the troops. The Daily Wire reports:

For what Politico has styled “Trump’s takeover of the Fourth of July celebration,” the U.S. Military brought a couple of M1 Bradley Armored Personnel Carriers into the heart of Washington, D.C. Tuesday night, a moment HuffPost described as a “surreal scene” and footage of which has been posted online. The tanks are among the half-dozen or so military vehicles that will be included in the “Salute to America” event around the Lincoln Memorial, which will also feature the standard fireworks and flyover — and for which Trump has been decried by the Left for his “authoritarian” display of military power.

“In a surreal scene, tanks rolled into Washington D.C. on Tuesday to participate in President Donald Trump’s Independence Day event,” HuffPost reported Tuesday in a piece highlighting some of the footage as well as comments by Army Col. Sunset Belinsky to a Washington-based CBS affiliate reassuring the public that there’s no need to “panic.”


“Residents of the Capitol City will see the vehicles move through their neighborhoods, but should not panic,” said Col. Belinsky. HuffPost also quotes D.C. Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton denouncing Trump for “robbing” the people of the nonpartisan celebration. “This robs us of the one holiday where everybody comes together and doesn’t even look at you to find out what your political party is,” she said.

This is a rare opportunity for residents and visitors of Washington to see military hardware up close, hopefully helping to bridge the military-civilian divide.

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3 years ago

Well, MSM has done it again. I keep reading about this great Independence Day celebration, but not a word of where, to view it – No TV stations televising this monumental event? We heard it would be at 6 or 6:30 pm. Surfed channels. Found nothing. This is appalling. July 4th celebrates our Declaration of Independence, our dependence on God, our one nation under God, something the communists controlling MSM and Democrats loathe. President Trump, please arrange a telecast of this event so we Americans can view an important day in our heritage. Three days they celebrate the lousy Cinco de Mayo. Our nation – nothing? God bless Amnerica. God bless President Trump. God bless the Church and convert America.

Raymond F Miller
3 years ago

FOX News had the speech and I hope they will have the fireworks.

3 years ago

“HuffPost also quotes D.C. Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton denouncing Trump for “robbing” the people of the nonpartisan celebration.” IN ONE WORD…… BULLCRAP. She thinks the left isn’t making a big deal about the 4TH of July? The people of this country will never be nonpartisan.

3 years ago

Awesome. Kudos Mr. President.
No Preceding USA Presidents
( or even Tried) ‘Matched’
Your Historical Briefing Speech.
Thank YOU. & ( S. Miller?, etc. in
writing ‘The Speech’.

3 years ago
Reply to  zee

ps. Watched on RSBN. NO networks
on digital box, covered. Disgusting.
I do not have ‘cable’. lol. & glad of it.
pps. My news ‘sources’ ARE BETTER
than even ‘cable KrAAp’. haha —

3 years ago

If D.C. Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton had any respect for the military people who risk their lives to protect her, she would not consider their presence a political issue. The US military protects Republicans and Democrats alike, even those people (Democrats/Leftists) who constantly disrespect and dishonor the USA.

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