How Trump Is Defeating China With Trade

President Trump’s trade war against China was a huge gamble, which could have backfired and hurt the US economy. Instead, it has slowly been eroding Communist China’s grasp on the world economy. Forbes reports:

China is still the world’s No. 2 economy and is still the monster of emerging markets, but regardless of those bonafides, Xi Jinping’s country is losing the trade war in nearly every way imaginable.

The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada last month for breaking U.S. sanctions law, followed by the firing of Huawei sales executive Wang Weijing in Poland last week shows China can be a bad actor, exactly as Washington believes. The Poland story centers around spying allegations, where Wang allegedly sought trade secrets from the government. Huawei’s latest bad headlines show how China tech companies may have risen to prominence by copying foreign technologies in joint venture deals or through white-collar criminal actions such as intellectual property theft and corporate espionage. Huawei is one of China’s most important, private tech firms. It rivals Cisco Systems worldwide.

Thanks in part to Huawei, China is getting beat on the public relations front in the trade war.


Early in the trade war, China thought it get the Europeans as allies. They hate Trump, too. China failed to woo the EU.

With continued wins on the trade front, Trump will continue to strengthen the US economy at home and earn more favorable terms with other nations that have been abusing America’s free trade policies.
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Robert Stone
3 years ago

The people in this Great Country of ours that are trying in every way possible to take down our Great President are far worse than China in every way, these people are traitors who are supposed to do what is best for We The People but they are so power hungry that they will lie to us and worse.

3 years ago

I suppose that nobody in the entire media dares to say that Israel has backdoor access to everything with the special chip in all computers. In addition to hearing all phone calls.
China, china, China
Russia, Russia, Russia

milos Leubner
milos Leubner
3 years ago
Reply to  Ed

yes ,and we have to talk about it at all times until Nethanyahu gets his goldenh watch

3 years ago

I AM ‘Aware’. Yes, Ed/milos > Israel.

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