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Kathy Barnette Surges in Pennsylvania Primary

In a race that has been focused on just two candidates, her shock rise has come out of nowhere. Last month, Kathy Barnette had single digit support in polls. She ranked fifth place in most of them, well behind front runners Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick. Now, she’s made it a three-way tie with the leaders.

Bridge Collapses in PA as Biden Talks Infrastructure

President Joe Biden will proceed with his scheduled trip to Pennsylvania to push infrastructure legislation just hours after a snowy bridge on the outskirts of Pittsburgh collapsed. 10 people were injured but there were no deaths. Biden will visit Mill 19, once a major metals producer that has shifted its focus to automation and robotics.

Trump Backs Citizens Against Pennsylvania’s Draconian Lockdown

President Trump has officially backed Pennsylvania residents who are opposing the draconian lockdown orders imposed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe (D). According to The Hill: President Trump on Monday backed Pennsylvania residents who oppose restrictions intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the state and accused Democratic governors of leaving such measures in place “for