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White House Orchestrated Hunter Cover-Up

A new report details how the White House helped orchestrate the cover-up of Hunter Biden’s nefarious art sales. According to Town Hall: Hunter Biden’s new lucrative passion project — artwork created by blowing paint through straws — has raised eyebrows over concerns that buyers’ identities will be kept secret while an art dealer will be the one

Alarms Sound Over Hunter Biden’s Art Sales

Hunter Biden is back in the news again for compromising America’s national security, this time for the sale of art. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Foreign nationals could be allowed to bid on Hunter Biden’s artwork, which is poised to hit the market in the fall for up to $500,000, raising alarms with ethics

Trump Urges AG Barr to Investigate Hunter Biden

President Trump has issued a demand to Attorney General Barr that he investigate the dealings of Hunter Biden. According to The Hill: President Trump early Tuesday pressured Attorney General William Barr to investigate the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and demanded that information be released before Election Day. “We have got to get the attorney general to act.