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Moderna CEO Says Virus Vaccine Could be Ready by End of the Year

The CEO of a biomedical company has stated that a vaccine for the coronavirus could be ready to hit the market at the end of the year. According to The Hill: The CEO of Moderna, one of the biotech companies working to develop a coronavirus vaccine, said on Wednesday that one could be ready to be sent

Two-Thirds of Americans Fault China With the Pandemic

Two-thirds of Americans side with President Trump in faulting China for the pandemic despite the media trying to show otherwise. According to The Washington Free Beacon: More than two-thirds of Americans say that the Chinese government is at least partially to blame for the pandemic, according to a new YouGov poll. The survey, commissioned by the

US Intelligence Investigating Origins of Virus

The US intelligence community has stated that while they have a consensus that the virus was not manmade they continue to investigate if the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan, China. According to The Hill: U.S. intelligence agencies in a rare public statement Thursday said they agreed with “the widespread scientific consensus” that the

Trump Claims Worst Days of Virus are Behind America

President Trump has reassured Americans that the worst days of the virus are behind us. According to The Hill: President Trump on Tuesday suggested “the worst days” of the coronavirus pandemic are over as he welcomed a group of small-business owners to the White House who have benefited from an emergency loan program he signed into law

GM to Produce 30,000 Ventilators under Defense Production Act Contract

General Motors will produce 30,000 ventilators under a $500 million contract signed as a result of the Defense Production Act. According to The Hill: The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) on Wednesday announced a $500 million contract with General Motors under the Defense Production Act (DPA) to deliver 30,000 ventilators to the Strategic National Stockpile

Trump Announces US has Tested More People for COVID Than any Other Country

President Trump has announced that the United States has tested for 1.6 million people for the COVID-19 virus, more than any other country in the world. According to The Daily Caller: President Donald Trump told reporters Sunday that the United States had tested 1,670,000 individuals for coronavirus, claiming that’s far more than any other country

Trump Admin Threatens Airlines for not Providing Foreign Passenger Info to CDC

The Trump administration has threatened fines against airlines if they do not share foreign passenger data with the Center for Disease Control. According to The Hill: The Trump administration has reportedly threatened airlines with fines unless they expand the types of data they collect on passengers to combat the spread of coronavirus. Airlines have pushed