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Elon Musk Trolls AOC’s Twitter Rant

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) got a taste of her own medicine on Twitter. She posted a spiel alluding to a “billionaire with an ego problem” without naming names. Elon Musk picked up on her not-so-subtlety, responding with the congresswoman’s own classic remark. Stop hitting on me, I’m really shy ☺️ — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April

China Threatens Taiwan on Twitter

Trump is kicked off, but China can threaten Taiwan on Twitter. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece said “it’s only a matter of time before Taiwan’s separatist authorities fall,” a threat that comes as the CCP escalates pressure on the island by flying scores of fighter jets into its airspace.

Twitter Caves to China

Twitter has apparently given Taiwan to China in a new woke move. According to The Washington Free Beacon: China has finally taken control of Taiwan, according to social networking giant Twitter, which redirects some searches for the word Taiwan to results for the word China. … A Twitter spokesman said the company was “looking into” the pattern but

Trump Could Break New First Amendment Ground

President Trump’s new lawsuit could break new First Amendment ground according to reports. According to Fox News: Parler interim CEO Mark Meckler argued on “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday that former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech companies “could break new ground.” Meckler made the comment the day after Trump announced that he will lead a lawsuit over alleged censorship against Twitter, Facebook and Google, which are the

Social Media Giant Hints at Banning Trump

Twitter has stated that President Trump could be at risk of being banned from the platform after the inauguration. According to The Daily Wire: Twitter confirmed that they could clamp down harder on President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account after he leaves office. Trump will lose the protections that Twitter offers to world leaders when he becomes a