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President Trump: Tariffs A Matter Of National Security

  By 1600 Staff Why is President Trump putting taxing imports from friendly countries like Canada, Mexico and the the nations in the European Union? “It’s reciprocal. It’s a mirror tax, ” President Trump said in March. President Trump initiated the tariffs in March, but gave our allies until now to adjust their own tariffs

How President Trump Is Protecting Jobs From China

On March 22, 2018, the President signed a memorandum announcing that the United States would take multiple steps to protect domestic technology and intellectual property from certain discriminatory and burdensome trade practices by China.  These actions were announced following a report of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative regarding China’s practices with respect to

President Trump Targets “Made In China 2025”

“From now on, we expect trading relationships to be fair and to be reciprocal.” President Donald J. Trump YEARS OF UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES: China has consistently taken advantage of the American economy with practices that undermine fair and reciprocal trade. For many years, China has pursued industrial policies and unfair trade practices—including dumping, discriminatory non-tariff

What You Need To Know: President Trump’s Response To China’s Unfair Trade

WHAT: President Donald J. Trump’s Administration is taking action to address China’s unfair trade practices, including the forced transfer of United States technology and theft of U.S. intellectual property.   The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced an initial proposed list of Chinese goods imports that could be subject to additional tariffs. The initial list included approximately

Targeting China’s Economic Aggression 

In the White House Diplomatic Reception Room yesterday, President Trump made it clear he’s taking a stand for American innovation. “We’ve lost, over a fairly short period of time, 60,000 factories in our country—closed, shuttered, gone. Six million jobs, at least, gone. And now they’re starting to come back,” the President said. “But we have

President Trump Gets Tough on China

“Under my Administration, the theft of American prosperity will end. We’re going to defend our industry and create a level playing field for the American worker — finally.” President Donald J. Trump PROTECTING AMERICAN COMPETITIVENESS: President Donald J. Trump is taking action to address Chinese policies and practices that are harming American innovation. The President

President Trump Will Protect National Security from Unfair Trade

“A Nation that does not protect prosperity at home cannot protect its interests abroad.” President Donald J. Trump   ECONOMIC SECURITY IS NATIONAL SECURITY: Protecting our steel and aluminum industries from unfair trade practices is important to our national security. Profitable and viable domestic aluminum and steel industries are important to our national security so

President Takes On Free, Fair and Reciprocal Trade

“But America first does not mean America alone. When the United States grows, so does the world.” President Donald J. Trump PILLARS OF TRADE POLICY: President Donald J. Trump’s Trade Policy Agenda relies on five major pillars to restore free, fair, and reciprocal trade. The five pillars of President Trump’s Trade Policy Agenda continue to