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Taiwan Broadcaster Reveals Date of Pelosi’s Arrival

Despite warnings from the Biden administration and threats from China, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly set to visit Taiwan on Tuesday evening. Her office has not made those plans public, but Taiwanese media have been reporting it. According to The Hill: Pelosi’s congressional delegation tour kicked off Monday in Singapore, and her office has confirmed Malaysia, South Korea and

The National Football League Caves to China

The National Football League is cozying up to China by not recognizing Taiwan as a separate country. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The NFL released a marketing map that designated Taiwan as part of China, a further sign American sports leagues are more than willing to appease the hardline regime in order to pursue

Taiwan Preparing for War With China

As China ramps up its threats to Taiwan, Taiwan has responded by preparing for war. According to The Daily Wire: Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen warned over the weekend, as the island national celebrated its National Day, that it would not bow to pressure from communist China and that it plans to continue ramping up its

China Threatens Taiwan on Twitter

Trump is kicked off, but China can threaten Taiwan on Twitter. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece said “it’s only a matter of time before Taiwan’s separatist authorities fall,” a threat that comes as the CCP escalates pressure on the island by flying scores of fighter jets into its airspace.

Twitter Caves to China

Twitter has apparently given Taiwan to China in a new woke move. According to The Washington Free Beacon: China has finally taken control of Taiwan, according to social networking giant Twitter, which redirects some searches for the word Taiwan to results for the word China. … A Twitter spokesman said the company was “looking into” the pattern but

China Threatens the US Over Taiwan

Chinese state media has threatened the US over its support of Taiwan. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Chinese state media threatened military action in the Taiwan Strait in response to reports that top U.S. officials are considering changing the name of the Taiwanese representative office in Washington, D.C., to include the name “Taiwan” rather

China Tests Biden by Sending 25 Warplanes Into Taiwanese Airspace

China has escalated the situation with Taiwan again by sending 25 warplanes into Taiwanese airspace. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Chinese flight mission included 18 fighter jets, 4 bombers, 2 anti-submarine planes, and an airborne radar plane entering Taiwan’s defensive air zone, an act in violation of Taiwanese sovereignty. The aircrafts’ incursion marked the largest