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REPORT: CIA Secretly Collects Bulk Data on Americans

The CIA has a secret database that includes information collected about Americans per a partially declassified letter revealed late Thursday. According to NBC News: There have long been concerns about what information the intelligence community collects domestically, driven in part by previous violations of Americans’ civil liberties. The CIA and National Security Agency have a

FBI Director Wray “Blown Away” By Chinese Spying

Chinese spying in the US is increasingly common. FBI Director Christopher Wray said Monday that the bureau opens an average of two counterintelligence operations per day. He spoke exclusively with NBC News about the scale of Chinese efforts to steal US technology: “There is no country that presents a broader, more severe threat to our

Watchdog Claims State Dept. Spied on Conservative Journalists and Pro-Trumpers

Watchdog group Judicial Watch is claiming that the State Department spied on Trump allies and conservative journalists in what is seen as political targeting. According to Town Hall: Government watchdog group Judicial Watch last week filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the State Department. The group believes prominent conservative journalists, public figures