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Trump Admin to Tackle New Immigration Reforms

The Trump administration is working to impose new reforms on immigration. According to The Hill: The Trump administration is set to publish additional immigration reforms on Tuesday aimed at making it more difficult for skilled foreign workers to acquire visas. The changes are the latest effort by the Trump administration in recent months to crack

VIDEO: How President Trump Is Changing the Federal Government

“Billions and billions of dollars are being wasted on activities that are not delivering results for hardworking American taxpayers.” President Donald J. Trump REORGANIZING GOVERNMENT: President Donald J. Trump’s reform and reorganization plan will make the Federal Government more responsive and accountable to the American people. Last year, President Trump signed an Executive Order directing

President Trump Explains Immigration Reform in 2.5 Minutes

Transcript: My fellow Americans, This week, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, homeland security officials, and lawmakers joined me at the White House to address a very vicious threat to our communities—the savage gang, MS-13. Glaring loopholes in our laws have allowed criminals and gang members to break into our country. For example, under current law, unaccompanied

Ending the Economic Harm Caused by Our Immigration System

“It is time to create a merit-based immigration system that makes sense for a modern economy – selecting new arrivals based on their ability to support themselves financially and to make positive contributions to U.S. society” President Donald J. Trump LOW-SKILLED LABOR: The United States has seen an inflow of low-skilled labor through both our