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New NBC Poll Spells Bad News for Democrats

A new NBC poll shows that Americans have more faith in Republicans to get things done across the board. The news comes as Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the White House. According to Town Hall: President Joe Biden is underwater by double digits on overall job approval, and Republicans lead Democrats on a

Reporter Claims Inaccuate Polls Hurt Trump

Reporter Joe Concha is claiming that the inaccurate polling hurt Trump because people who would have voted for him were discouraged from voting due to an unlikelihood of victory. According to Fox News: “I saw a poll, I think it was about a month or two ago and that many people are afraid to share

POLL: Trump Leads Biden Among Swing State Voters and Independents

A new poll shows Biden leading President Trump nationally, but Trump leading among independents and swing-state voters. According to The Daily Caller: New polling figures released Wednesday by CNN show former Vice President Joe Biden holding a slight general election advantage over President Donald Trump, but gave Trump leads in both battleground states and with

Poll: Americans with President Trump on Immigration

Voters across both party lines appear to be in agreement with President Donald Trump’s immigration priorities, a new Harvard-Harris Poll finds. The poll, weighted to be broadly representative of the U.S. population, found that 65% of voters overall agreed with Trump’s position that any bill codifying Obama-era protections for illegal immigrants brought to the U.S.