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Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets

Gallup Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Rating at 40 Percent with Majority of Americans Disapproving A recent Gallup poll revealed that U.S. President Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to 40 percent. The majority of Americans are unhappy with his performance on several key issues, including the economy, energy policy, foreign affairs, and inflation. Sharp Divisions

Trump Promises he Will be Back

President Trump made a promise that he will be back in some form as he departed Washington for the last time as President. According to Fox News: President Trump on Wednesday morning told supporters that “we will be back in some form” after he departed the White House for the final time as president, just hours ahead of the

Pelosi Dodges Simple Question From CNN

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to play politics. This time she is refusing to answer why she agreed to a smaller coronavirus stimulus package than what was offered before the election. According to The Daily Wire: Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly refused to answer a question from a CNN reporter on Sunday about why

Trump Broke Important Rule of Politics?

President Trump’s executive order affecting the payroll tax and Social Security might have broken a rule. It has been a rule of politics not to touch the “third-rail” or the topic of Social Security close to an election According to The Hill: President Trump’s pledge to “terminate” the payroll tax that funds Social Security defies