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Federal Judge Blocks Biden Admin’s Ban on Oil and Gas Leases

A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction on Joe Biden’s ban on the federal government issuing oil and gas leases on federal lands. According to Town Hall: A federal judge in Louisiana pumped the brakes on the Biden administration’s ban on oil and gas leases on public land, in an injunction issued on Tuesday night. Judge

U.S. Sanctions Crippling Venezuelan Oil Industry

The sanctions placed on the Venezuelan oil industry by the United States seem to be working. According to The Washington Free Beacon: For the first time in a century, there are no oil rigs in the country actively searching for new oil. Instead, nearly all oil-based infrastructure has been directed toward already drilled resources. “Venezuela’s

Environmentalists Force Trump to End Most Oil and Gas Production in Utah

Following a challenge from environmentalists, the Trump administration has suspended oil and gas production on 130 plots in the state of Utah. According to The Hill: The Trump administration has suspended the production of oil and gas on 130 plots in Utah following a legal challenge by environmentalists. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) quietly

Democrats Proposed Ban Would Kill Millions of Jobs

A proposal by Democrats to end fracking would kill millions of jobs. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A proposed fracking ban put forward by leading Democratic presidential candidates would have a devastating impact on U.S. jobs, energy independence, and even national security, according to several studies. Reports from the American Petroleum Institute, Independent Petroleum