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Georgia Guidestones Destroyed After Unidentified Suspect Detonates Bomb

The controversial monument, which was anonymously erected on behalf of a mysterious group, was a set of six granite slabs inscribed with a set of guidelines to ensure the conservation of humanity after a nuclear war. Around 4am, an explosive device was detonated under the slabs, causing catastrophic damage that required the remnants to be

Senators Mull Report Putin is Considering a Nuclear Attack

Senators in both parties are deeply concerned about a report that Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering the use of a small, targeted nuclear bomb seeking to decisively end the war in Ukraine. According to NBC News: One key senator, Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said he believed such an attack could force NATO allies, including the United

North Korea Appears to Test Nuclear Capable Missile

North Korea is escalating again in what could be a test to the Biden administration. According to The Washington Free Beacon: SEOUL (Reuters)—North Korea carried out successful tests of a new long-range cruise missile over the weekend, state media said on Monday, seen by analysts as possibly the country’s first such weapon with a nuclear

North Korea feels the pressure

News broke yesterday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is willing to talk to the United States about giving up his country’s nuclear weapons, according to South Korean officials who traveled to Pyongyang this week. Possible progress being made in talks with North Korea. For the first time in many years, a serious effort is