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Biden Lobbying Against Sanctions for Treatment of Uyghurs

The Biden administration is lobbying against including sanctions for Chinese treatment of Uyghurs in order to protect a possible climate deal. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Republican senator Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Democratic senator Jeff Merkley (Ore.) introduced a bill in January prohibiting the importation of goods made with forced labor from the Xinjiang

Key Voting Block Shifting to the GOP

Hispanic voters are looking to the GOP to make their futures brighter and that could mean big wins in the future for the GOP. According to Town Hall: While prevailing wisdom has pointed towards demographic changes in the United States favoring Democrats, according to GOP pollster Curt Anderson, that’s not what polling is showing. In

Rubio Points Out One BIG Problem With Biden’s Immigration Policy

It is easy to enter the United States than it is to enter the U.S. Capitol. At least that is what Senator Marco Rubio is saying. According to Town Hall: Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio is blasting President Joe Biden’s immigration policies and pointing out that it’s easier to cross into the United States illegally