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Bolton Emerges to Defend Trump Against Hit Piece

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton wrote a book attacking Trump after leaving the administration, but now he has emerged to defend the President. According to Town Hall: Former National Security Adviser John Bolton and President Trump did not part ways friends, let alone on good terms. After his ouster, the former U.S. ambassador to

Bolton’s Chances of Being Subpoenaed by Democrats is Shrinking

In a surprising report, the Democrat’s chances of subpoenaing John Bolton seem to be shrinking. According to The Hill: The Democratic push to haul former national security adviser John Bolton before the House has fizzled out roughly a month after the Senate acquitted President Trump. Bolton had emerged as an alluring figure in the Democrats’ Ukraine investigation following

Widespread Support For John Bolton As National Security Advisor

Commentators agree that by appointing John Bolton as National Security Advisor (NSA), the President has made an excellent choice to confront the challenges of a dangerous world and build on the accomplishments of outgoing NSA H.R. McMaster. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL EDITORIAL BOARD: John Bolton for National Security “President Trump has said he is at last