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Ivanka Trump Secures Billions for Small Businesses

First Daughter Ivanka Trump has secured over $1.5 billion for cash strapped small businesses. According to The Washington Examiner: Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s jobs czar, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have rallied American banks to pony up $1.6 billion to help small businesses and Main Street Americans crushed by the coronavirus. Initiated at a mid-March

Ivanka Announces Aid to Displaced Venezuelans

Ivanka Trump is in South America where she met with Guaido aides to announce U.S. aid for displaced Venezuelans. According to McClatchy: Ivanka Trump met with aides to Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó in Colombia on Wednesday to underscore support for a “democratic transition in Venezuela” and offer $120 million in U.S. assistance to