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White House Reconsidering Lengthy Senate Trial

The White House is apparently reconsidering a lengthy Senate trial and have instead been considering a short one that will get it over as quickly as possible. According to The Hill: The White House is softening its calls for a lengthy Senate impeachment trial that would include several controversial witnesses just as the House prepares to impeach President

White House Points out NYT’s Biased Impeachment Coverage

The White House has taken an active roll in pointing out the bias in the coverage by the New York Times of the impeachment proceedings. According to The Daily Wire: The White House is calling out headline bias at the New York Times after the outlet published multiple slanted reports relating to the impeachment hearings

McConnell Prepares for Partisan Senate Impeachment Trial

Senator Mitch McConnell is preparing for the likely scenario that the Senate GOP will have to pass partisan impeachment rules should Chuck Schumer obstruct. According to Town Hall: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Tuesday said Senate Republicans may have to come together to pass a partisan set of rules for an impeachment trial

Senator Ron Johnson Hints at Lengthy Impeachment Trial in Senate

Senator Ron Johnson responded to a possible impeachment trial in the Senate by claiming it would be conducted and not dismissed quickly. According to The Hill: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said on Friday that he opposes quickly dismissing any articles of impeachment against President Trump and predicted the Senate would hold a trial. “I know outside pundits are just bringing up,

GOP Lawmakers Growing Concerned With Trump’s Impeachment Approach

A new report indicated that many Republican officials have been growing concerned with Trump’s response to impeachment. According to The Hill: Senate Republicans want President Trump to focus more on his agenda and not let himself become personally consumed by the House impeachment inquiry, which is likely to hit a dead end in the Senate. Senate Republicans

White House Officals Ignore House Subpoenas

Two White House officials ignored House subpoenas to testify on Monday further frustrating the Democrats. According to The Hill: Two White House officials subpoenaed to testify as part of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry declined to appear at the Capitol on Monday morning, and two others are also expected to be no-shows later in the day.

Bolton Will not Testify Voluntarily

In a new twist, former National Security Adviser John Bolton will not voluntarily testify to Congress. According to The Hill: Former national security adviser John Bolton will not appear voluntarily to testify in connection with the House impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. Bolton’s attorney Chuck Cooper told The Hill in an email late Wednesday that

Trump Claims GOP Unified in Attacking Substance of Impeachment

President Trump is claiming that the GOP is unified in their attack of the substance of the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry. According to The Hill: …..the call with the Ukrainian President was a totally appropriate one. As he said, “No Pressure.” This Impeachment nonsense is just a continuation of the Witch Hunt Hoax, which has been

Pelosi’s Impeachment Stunt Could end Badly

A new piece in the New York Post is claiming that history will not look favorably upon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because of her latest impeachment stunt. According to the New York Post: The speaker’s decision to go all in on impeachment is fraught with danger and could have fateful consequences far beyond Donald Trump’s

WHITE HOUSE: Trump Happy With GOP’s Response to Impeachment

The White House is revealing that President Trump is happy with the GOP’s response to impeachment, especially the latest one where they stormed a secret hearing being held by Adam Schiff. According to The Hill: President Trump was happy to see House Republicans storm a closed-door hearing in protest of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, White House press secretary Stephanie