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GOP Leader McCarthy Reveals Terrible Thing About COVID Relief Bill

Of all the money in the COVID-19 relief package, only 9 percent of it actually goes to COVID. According to Town Hall: It didn’t take the swamp long to come back in full force after former President Trump left office, and there’s no better example of that than the COVID-19 relief bill, House Minority Leader

REPORT Trump Admin Freezes Funding for Hurricane Barriers

The Trump administration has reportedly frozen funding for hurricane barriers that were part of a study. The barriers were seen as costly and were being built around New York to potentially protect it from future storm surge. According to The Hill: A federal study aimed at protecting the New York and New Jersey waterfronts from rising sea

Trump Administration Eliminating Medicare Waste

The Trump administration is focused on limiting government and eliminating waste and they are succeeding. According to a new report, the Trump administration is eliminating medicare waste. According to The Daily Wire: On Thursday, the Trump Administration’s Health and Human Services Department (HHS) announced that the 2019 Medicare Fee-For-Service Improper Payment Rate is now the lowest since