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France Punishes the US for Dirty Dealing

For the first time in history, France has called its ambassador to the US home. According to The Washington Free Beacon: PARIS (Reuters) — France said on Friday it had decided to recall its ambassadors in the United States and Australia for consultations after Australia struck a deal with the United States and Britain which

Trump’s Latest Trade Fight Targets French Wine and Cheese

President Trump’s latest trade battle will target the importation of French wine and cheese. This is in response to taxes from France on big tech companies. According to The Hill: Industry groups are sounding the alarm on President Trump’s proposal to hit $2.4 billion in French goods with tariffs, warning that the latest trade salvo will

France Responds to Trump Admin’s Tariffs

The French government has responded to the Trump administration’s new tariffs on the country. According to The Hill: The French government Thursday announced it will respond with “retaliatory measures” to the U.S.’s new tariffs on a number of the bloc’s exports. “We’ve tried to lessen this commercial tension, but if they are not in the mood

Inside Trump’s First State Dinner With France

State Dining Room 8:52 P.M. EDT PRESIDENT TRUMP:  President Macron, Brigitte, Melania and I are profoundly honored to host you and your entire French delegation for our first official State Dinner.  And to America’s absolutely incredible First Lady, thank you for making this an evening we will always cherish and remember.  Thank you, Melania.  (Applause.)