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Trump’s Negotiator Returns to Afghanistan to Resume Peace Talks

President Trump’s negotiator for Afghanistan has returned to the country to resume peace talks. According to The Hill: Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, the Trump administration’s negotiator for peace talks in Afghanistan, is traveling to the region as the White House seeks to restart negotiations with the Taliban. The State Department announced Wednesday that Khalilzad departed Tuesday

Lt. General at White House Releases Statement on Trump’s Call

A Lt. General working at the White House and who was on the July Ukraine call released a statement confirming that nothing was there despite previous reports that he thought it posed a problem. According to The Daily Wire: Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, who is Vice President Mike Pence’s National Security Adviser, released a statement

Trump Considering Linking Foreign Aid to Religious Freedom in Countries

President Trump is making another bold move in ensuring religious freedom gains ground worldwide. Trump wants to tie United States foreign aid to the religious freedom protections in receiving countries. According to The Daily Caller: President Donald Trump is reportedly poised to make United States foreign aid around the world contingent upon recipient countries maintaining

North Korea Could get More Dangerous

North Korea has been a main focus of the Trump administration. The regime has been a danger for decades and one expert is warning that they could become even more dangerous by 2020. According to Breitbart: An expert from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which tracks military development around the world, told South Korean

Trump Makes Oil Reserve Authorization Following Saudi Attacks

Following an attack on a Saudi oil refinery, but what is suspected to be Iran, President Trump has authorized the use of the emergency oil reserves if needed. According to The Hill: President Trump on Sunday announced he had authorized the use of the U.S.’s emergency oil reserve in response to a series of drone attacks

Trump Greenlights F-35 Sale to Poland

President Trump has given his blessing to a potential multibillion-dollar sale of F-35s to Poland. According to The Hill: The Trump administration has formally notified Congress of a potential $6.5 billion sale of F-35 fighter jets to Poland. Details of the sale, posted to the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) website on Wednesday, include 32 F-35 Joint

Bolton Claims he Offered to Resign Before Being Fired

President Trump announced the firing of National Security Adviser John Bolton on Tuesday. Bolton was quick to point out that he actually offered his resignation on Monday night, which contradicts Trump’s claim. According to The Hill: Outgoing national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday disputed President Trump‘s account of his dismissal, tweeting that he offered to resign before the president

Trump Scores Three Big Wins at G-7

President Trump recently returned to Washington from France where he attended the G-7 conference. Reports are indicating that he scored three major wins while there. According to Fox News: And they’ve pulled off three big scores in Biarritz. Topping the list is Iran. Iran is a major worry for the G-7 this summer, overshadowing even

Trump Promises to Not do This to Greenland if U.S. Buys it

President Trump’s intentions to buy Greenland were exposed not long ago Some thought the idea was odd, others welcomed it. President Trump took the opportunity to have a little fun with it too tweeting out a promise if the U.S. were to purchase the island. According to Town Hall: President Trump joked about what he