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Spiraling Biden Plans Police Reform Executive Action

Desperate after a series of losses dealt by the SCOTUS, moderates in his own party, and unflattering public polls, President Joe Biden is reportedly planning to take executive action on police reform. The action will supposedly coincide with Democrat lawmakers’ push to revive the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act which failed to garner bipartisan

President Trump Signs Executive Order for School Choice

President Trump has signed an Executive Order for school choice that proponents say will significantly impact students in a positive way. According to Town Hall: School closures during the coronavirus pandemic have already had devastating impacts on students and their families across the country. Failing grades, deteriorating health, and financial hardship, to name the most

White House Considering ‘Unilateral’ Action on Coronavirus Relief

The White House is reportedly considering “unilateral” action to get coronavirus relief to Americans after attempts by Congress have continuously stalled. According to The Daily Wire: Monday morning, a White House official told Fox News that, while the president is hopeful that Congressional negotiations may continue, the administration is preparing for exigent circumstances. “As the negotiations continue

Dem Governor Lauds Trump Executive Order That Expands Help for Foster Children

A new executive order from President Trump gives broader authority to the Department of Health and Human Services to provide support for foster children. According to The Washington Examiner: Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has praised a recent executive order issued by President Donald Trump directing the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department to further

Trump Admin Unveils Executive Order Expanding Counterterrorism Sanctions

The Trump administration has unveiled a new executive order aimed at expanding the power to impose counterterrorism sanctions. According to The Hill: The Trump administration on Tuesday unveiled a new executive order to expand counterterrorism sanctions, which officials said would make it easier to target terrorists and their financiers. “Foreign financial institutions are now on

Trump: Admin Considering Eliminating Birthright Citizenship

President Trump has announced that the administration is strongly considering ending the policy of birthright citizenship. According to The Hill: President Trump on Wednesday said his administration is once again seriously considering an executive order to end birthright citizenship months after several lawmakers cast doubt on his ability to take such action. “We’re looking at that very seriously,”