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History Proves Major Biden Policy Agenda Wrong

History has proven that raising the minimum wage kills jobs, yet Joe Biden wants to do it anyway. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The analysis, published Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research, combed through academic literature on the minimum wage and determined that nearly 80 percent of studies conducted since 1992 have

Trump Defends Plan to Invite Russia to G-7

President Trump plans to invite Russia to the G-7 for the first time since they were kicked out in 2014. The G-7 will be held in the United States this year. According to The Hill: President Trump on Wednesday defended his plans to invite Russia to the Group of Seven (G-7) summit this year despite its

American Companies Reportedly Leaving China

A new report indicates that US companies are beginning to leave China. According to The Daily Wire: The coronavirus COVID-19 that originated in China may be the last straw that finally has triggered American companies to exit China. In the Global manufacturing consulting firm Kearney’s seventh annual Reshoring Index released on Tuesday, co-author Patrick Van

Trump Scores Three Big Wins at G-7

President Trump recently returned to Washington from France where he attended the G-7 conference. Reports are indicating that he scored three major wins while there. According to Fox News: And they’ve pulled off three big scores in Biarritz. Topping the list is Iran. Iran is a major worry for the G-7 this summer, overshadowing even