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REPORT: CIA Secretly Collects Bulk Data on Americans

The CIA has a secret database that includes information collected about Americans per a partially declassified letter revealed late Thursday. According to NBC News: There have long been concerns about what information the intelligence community collects domestically, driven in part by previous violations of Americans’ civil liberties. The CIA and National Security Agency have a

International Criminal Court to Begin Investigating US War Crimes

The International Criminal Court will begin investigating the United States for war crimes for the first time ever. According to The Hill: Appeals judges on the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Thursday approved a request to investigate alleged war crimes committed by U.S. military forces, CIA personnel, the Taliban and Afghan forces in Afghanistan. The move

Brennan and Clapper to be Interviewed for Russia Investigation Probe

The deep state is under increased scrutiny. The origins of the Russia investigation into President Trump are suspect and now James Clapper and John Brennan, two salty deep staters, will be interviewed. According to The Daily Caller: U.S. Attorney John Durham intends to interview former CIA Director John Brennan as part of his investigation into

Democrats Play Games Against Trump’s Stellar CIA Nominee

After a strong showing at her confirmation hearing, editorial boards and commentators are calling for bipartisan support and a swift confirmation of Gina Haspel as CIA Director. CHICAGO TRIBUNE EDITORIAL BOARD: The Case for Gina Haspel as CIA Director “Haspel gets rave reviews from former national security officials from Democratic and Republican administrations, and is