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FBI Director Wray “Blown Away” By Chinese Spying

Chinese spying in the US is increasingly common. FBI Director Christopher Wray said Monday that the bureau opens an average of two counterintelligence operations per day. He spoke exclusively with NBC News about the scale of Chinese efforts to steal US technology: “There is no country that presents a broader, more severe threat to our

REPORT: Amazon Partnered With Beijing’s Propaganda Arm to Win Contract

A new report indicates that Amazon partnered with the propaganda arm of China in order to get a contract. According to The Washington Free Beacon: LONDON, Dec 17 (Reuters) – Amazon.com Inc was marketing a collection of President Xi Jinping’s speeches and writings on its Chinese website about two years ago, when Beijing delivered an

The National Football League Caves to China

The National Football League is cozying up to China by not recognizing Taiwan as a separate country. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The NFL released a marketing map that designated Taiwan as part of China, a further sign American sports leagues are more than willing to appease the hardline regime in order to pursue

Biden Lobbying Against Sanctions for Treatment of Uyghurs

The Biden administration is lobbying against including sanctions for Chinese treatment of Uyghurs in order to protect a possible climate deal. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Republican senator Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Democratic senator Jeff Merkley (Ore.) introduced a bill in January prohibiting the importation of goods made with forced labor from the Xinjiang

House Dems Refuse to Schedule Vote to Sanction Chinese Slave Labor

House Democrats are refusing to schedule a vote on a bill that would sanction Chinese slave labor. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Democratic leaders are walking back their promise to hold a vote this week in the House on legislation that would sanction China’s use of slave labor and ban the import of goods

Disney Blocks Tiananmen Square Simpsons Episode

Disney has reportedly blocked an episode of the Simpsons depicting the Chinese Tiananmen Square incident from airing in Hong Kong. According to The Washington Free Beacon: An episode of The Simpsons that ridicules Chinese Communist Party censorship has been removed from Disney’s streaming platform in Hong Kong in what appears to be another example of Hollywood caving

FBI Warns of Genetics Data Sharing With Chinese in California

A genetics company with close ties to the Chinese is reportedly sharing genetic data of Californians and Americans with the Chinese. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The FBI says a genetics testing company with tens of millions of dollars in federal contracts is most likely providing Americans’ health data to China. The agency told

Xi Embarrasses Biden With This Line

The White House attempted to downplay the relationship between China’s Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden Early in the leaders’ virtual summit Xi appeared to contradict those reports. At the start of the meeting Xi stated through a translator, “It’s the first time for us to meet virtually. Although it’s not as good as a

Microsoft Praises China as it Expands Operations

Microsoft is expanding operations in China and an executive for the company is praising China’s pandemic response as being the best in the world. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Microsoft China president Joe Bao called China the “most dynamic and innovative place” in the world in a speech at the China International Import Expo

Chinese Firm Backed by Kerry Investments has Imports Seized by CBP

United States Customs and Border Protection has seized imports from a Chinese firm that is backed by investments from Climate Czar John Kerry. According to The Washington Free Beacon: U.S. Customs and Border Protection last week seized imports from a Chinese company backed by an investment group in which climate czar John Kerry holds a