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Milley Spokesman Basically Calls Bob Woodward a Liar

Bob Woodward wrote in a new book that Mark Milley the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff secretly called China in the midst of January 6th to reassure them that we wouldn’t go to war with them. Well, his spokesman said that Defense Secretary Mark Esper knew, there were multiple people in the room,

China Threatens the US Over Taiwan

Chinese state media has threatened the US over its support of Taiwan. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Chinese state media threatened military action in the Taiwan Strait in response to reports that top U.S. officials are considering changing the name of the Taiwanese representative office in Washington, D.C., to include the name “Taiwan” rather

China Eyes Taking Over Bagram

A new report is indicating that China is looking to takeover Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Chinese military is reportedly eyeing a move into Bagram Air Base, only weeks after the Biden administration ordered a withdrawal from what was the United States’ largest military installation in Afghanistan. Multiple

Russia, China, Iran Join Forces

It appears the militaries of Russia, China, and Iran are joining forces. At least for practice. According to The Washington Free Beacon: China, Russia, and Iran will conduct joint military exercises at the end of this year, a Russian diplomat announced Monday. Levan Jagaryan, Russia’s ambassador to Iran, told Russian state media that Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran

House Democrats Cover for China

House Democrats have blocked an attempt by House Republicans to look into coronavirus origins. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Top House Democrats voted against a Republican-led effort to compel the World Health Organization to conduct a “transparent investigation on the origins of COVID-19.” All but one of the 33 Democrats on the House Appropriations

MSNBC Host Pushes Chinese Propaganda

MSNBC host Chri Hayes recently decided it would be a good idea to openly push Chinese propaganda. According to The Daily Wire: Chris Hayes, who anchors “All In” during the 8 p.m. Eastern time slot opposite Tucker Carlson, retweeted an image from Xinhua News Agency that presented American constitutional liberties as the gateways to mass violence. Xinhua

US and Japan Send Message to China

The United States and Japan are holding war games in what is seen as a message by the military powers to China. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Financial Times reported Wednesday that the Biden administration and top advisers to Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga are engaging in sensitive planning exercises to counter a potential invasion of

A New China Threat Emerges

A new Chinese threat has emerged, the Chinese in space. According to The Washington Free Beacon: China will use its space station to advance its military technology and strengthen its influence in foreign countries, experts and lawmakers warn the Washington Free Beacon. Three Chinese astronauts reached the Tiangong space station on June 17. The project ushers

U.S. Alerted to Chinese Nuclear Plant Threat

A new Chinese threat could be facing the world, a nuclear meltdown. According to Town Hall: A nuclear plant in southern China is reportedly leaking due to issues in the reactor, but Chinese officials there say the situation is under control and the plant remains safe. A French entity involved in the project, however, reached

GOP Defense Hawks Claim Biden’s Defense Budget Gives China Upper Hand

China is going to get the upper hand if Joe Biden has his way Republican defense hawks claim. According to The Washington Free Beacon: President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion budget proposal puts money toward universal pre-K and cracking down on the fossil fuel industry but shrinks the Navy’s budget for weapons procurement and building warships,