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VIDEO: President Trump Stands with Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

“It’s time to support our police, to protect our families, and to save American lives.” President Donald J. Trump SUPPORTING ANGEL FAMILIES: President Donald J. Trump is hearing firsthand from the American families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime.  President Donald J. Trump is meeting with “Angel families,” who have lost loved

Fox News: What’s Really Happening On The Border

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com By 1600 Staff It’s hard to get a clear view of what’s happening on the southern border because there is more commentary than facts at play. For example, many are saying that the Trump Administration is somehow maliciously separating families from their children when they cross. In fact, Department

President Trump Explains Immigration Reform in 2.5 Minutes

Transcript: My fellow Americans, This week, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, homeland security officials, and lawmakers joined me at the White House to address a very vicious threat to our communities—the savage gang, MS-13. Glaring loopholes in our laws have allowed criminals and gang members to break into our country. For example, under current law, unaccompanied

National Security Threats—Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery System

Our current immigration system jeopardizes our national security and puts American communities at risk. That’s why President Donald J. Trump has repeatedly called for common sense, mainstream immigration reforms such as ending chain migration and eliminating the visa lottery. Chain Migration Under our current immigration system, around 70 percent of legal immigrants admitted to the