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Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Trump’s Census Policy

The Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge to President Trump’s controversial census policy. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a challenge to President Trump’s bid to exclude illegal immigrants from the population baseline for awarding House seats, saying the challenge was premature. In an unsigned opinion, the High Court

Trump Asks SCOTUS to Keep Illegals Out of Redistricting

President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to issue a ruling that would keep illegal immigrant populations from being used in redistricting. If the court rules in his favor it could have major implications on the Democrat House majority. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Trump administration will press its bid to exclude illegal

WATCH: Huckabee Sanders Addresses Citizenship Question In 2020 Census

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took on criticism against the Census Bureau for asking if survey participants are U.S. citizens. California, and other liberal states, are taking the Trump Administration to court over the matter. From The Hill newspaper In Washington: “The White House on Tuesday defended its decision to include a citizenship