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Lindsey Graham Praises Jill Biden’s Speech

Senator Lindsay Graham offered heaping praise of Jill Biden following her DNC speech. According to The Hill: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a fierce ally of President Trump‘s, praised Jill Biden’s speech about her husband, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, calling her an “outstanding person.” … Jill Biden offered an intimate glimpse into her husband

Trump Looking to ‘Tele-Rallies’ to Drive Support

President Trump is looking to use “tele-rallies” drive support amid growing concerns surrounding large crowds and the coronavirus. According to The Hill: President Trump held his first “tele-rallies” over the weekend, signaling a shift in campaigning as the coronavirus pandemic has rendered his signature large gatherings impractical. Trump held virtual rallies targeted at supporters in Wisconsin,

Trump Campaign Announces Temp Checks and Masks for Rally Attendees

The Trump campaign has announced that rally attendees will be provided with masks and will have to undergo temperature checks. According to The Hill: Attendees at President Trump‘s rally in Oklahoma on Saturday will be given temperature checks, masks and hand sanitizer before entering the arena, the campaign said Monday, the first indication that there will