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Amazon Kicks Black Lives Matter Off Its Charity Platform

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been removed from Amazon’s charity platform AmazonSmile. Last year, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors announced her departure from the organization and since then it’s been unclear who is in charge of the organization and its millions. Recently, BLM’s finances have been called into question after failing to report what

Rep. Owens: Biden Agenda Doesn’t Represent MLK

Freshman Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) took issue with President Joe Biden’s contrary attempts to channel the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Noting King was a leader who commanded respect and preached unity, he criticized the Administration for using demeaning implications in its quest to pass voting legislation. He also lamented the tactics used by Black

Black Lives Matter Gets New Support: From the Industry it Hurts Most?

Insurance companies are now backing the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement whose destruction has caused great detriment to the insurance industry. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Following the death of George Floyd, the world’s largest insurance companies spoke up in favor of Black Lives Matter. Even as they were paying out unprecedented claims