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American Airlines Asks Workers to do the Unthinkable

American Airlines wants its workers to work for free. At least for the summer. According to The Daily Wire: American Airlines is asking its employees to volunteer their time in order to help with the increase in travelers over the summer.  The airline is requesting that its headquarters employees volunteer at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Trump Admin Bans Chinese Passenger Flights From the US

The Trump administration has banned the entry of Chinese passenger flights into the US. The move comes as US carriers fight with the Chinese government to resume service to that country. According to The Washington Free Beacon: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s administration said on Wednesday it will bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying

Trump Admin Threatens Airlines for not Providing Foreign Passenger Info to CDC

The Trump administration has threatened fines against airlines if they do not share foreign passenger data with the Center for Disease Control. According to The Hill: The Trump administration has reportedly threatened airlines with fines unless they expand the types of data they collect on passengers to combat the spread of coronavirus. Airlines have pushed