Republicans Investigation Into Biden Begins: White House Fighting Back

A dedicated team of White House lawyers, strategists, and Capitol Hill veterans is working tirelessly in a suite of rooms deep inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to respond to a barrage of oversight demands launched by House Republicans. This team is using the suite of rooms previously used by the Secretary of War and

Congress Expands Probe Of Biden Involvement In Foreign Cash Deals, Demands Documents From Biden Brother Who Got Plum Jobs

Congress is expanding its investigation of questionable overseas business deals by Biden family members and friends, with House leaders demanding documents from two more figures which may detail President Joe Biden’s personal involvement in unreported foreign business interests. In addition to a request to President Joe Biden’s adult son Hunter, House Committee on Oversight and

Trump’s Trifecta: 24 Hours Of NEEDED Leadership

Over the past couple of days, President Trump took only 24 hours to accomplish the perfect trifecta of needed leadership. He has accomplished the perfect trifecta of leadership that our country desperately needs.  He is doing this as a private citizen.  Biden has been asleep at the wheel.  This sleepiness has provoked the MAGA giant. 

Transatlantic Tussle: U.K. Goes After U.S. And Biden

U.S. is in a transatlantic tussle with Britain’s trade chief, Kemi Badenoch, expressing concerns that the protectionist law and Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” will not help the U.S. counter the rise of China and could create a “single point of failure” in key supply chains. Badenoch also warned that the law could harm British and

Trump CROSSED By Former Ambassador

Don Tapia formerly served as the U.S. ambassador to Jamaica under President Donald Trump from 2019 to 2021. Tapia recently announced that he will support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump if they compete for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 – citing Trump’s name-calling as a turn-off for many people. Don

Senator Kennedy Introduces Bill To Make Hospital Prices Clear To Patients

Last week, Senator John Kennedy introduced the Hospital Transparency Compliance Enforcement Act which aims to enforce penalties on hospitals that hide the costs of services from patients. Kennedy stated that, “Patients deserve to know the true cost of hospital items and services. I wrote this bill to protect patients by making hospitals clarify how much a