Democrats Hide Female Draft in Defense Bill

Democrats are doing their best to ensure that women will be subject to the draft should it be used again. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The Pentagon will have to start drafting women in order to receive funding after House Democrats amended the defense budget. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D., Pa.) put forward a measure

Biden Caught in a Lie About a Synagogue

Joe Biden has been caught in a lie about a claimed visit to a synagogue. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A Pittsburgh synagogue that was the site of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history disputed President Joe Biden’s claim that he visited after the massacre. In October 2018, a gunman killed 11 people

Taliban Using Bullets to Scatter Protesters

The Taliban is reportedly using their weapons to scatter protesters in Kabul. According to The Washington Free Beacon: (Reuters)—Taliban gunmen fired in the air on Tuesday to scatter protesters in the Afghan capital Kabul, witnesses said, as video showed scores scurrying to escape volleys of gunfire. Hundreds of men and women shouting slogans such as

Hillary Botched Afghanistan Too?

A key member of the Hillary Clinton team appears to have played a role in destroying Afghanistan. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Mook, a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve, has been on active duty abroad since February after taking a hiatus from Democratic politics. In addition to managing Hillary’s failed 2016 campaign, he

Biden Waived Critical Report to Congress

Joe Biden stopped the Pentagon from providing a report to Congress about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. According to The Washington Free Beacon: President Joe Biden waived a mandate in June that would have forced the Pentagon to provide a detailed report to Congress about the risks of leaving Afghanistan. Under the federal statute, the administration

Sidney Powell Bails on Interviewer Who Grills Her on Election Claims

Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who has made powerful election fraud claims, but has failed to provide evidence to back those claims up recently bailed on an interview when grilled about her claims. According to Mediaite: Among those false claims and conspiracy theories: that Smartmatic owns Dominion (it doesn’t) and that Smartmatic flipped votes from

Biden Administration has Taken A Lot of Losses at the Supreme Court

The Biden administration has been racking up losses at the Supreme Court, and two recent ones have drawn attention to them. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Thursday night’s decision ending the federal ban on evictions is the latest in a string of judicial reversals for President Joe Biden. Earlier in the week, the Court ordered the

California’s Newsom Could Have Some Regrets

If Gavin Newsom loses his recall election he is going to have some regrets. According to Town Hall: California’s recall election on Sept. 14 is fast approaching, and progressive Gov. Gavin Newsom said if he goes down, he’ll have major regrets about some of his recent policy decisions. In an interview with The Atlantic, the

Military Leader Fired for Criticizing ‘Inept’ Military Leadership

A Marine Batallion Commander has been fired for criticizing the leadership in the military. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A sitting Marine battalion commander was fired Friday after he slammed the “ineptitude” of U.S. military leadership over the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, saying he was willing to risk losing his 17-year career and future retirement

Tlaib Promoted Fundraiser for Taliban-Linked Group

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) promoted a fundraiser for a group linked to the Taliban. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) on Wednesday shared a tweet that advertised a fundraiser for an organization with ties to Hamas and the Taliban. Tlaib, who has a long history of anti-Semitic rhetoric, retweeted a post