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In-Depth Analysis: Connecting 2020 UAV Drones and 2023 Chinese Spy Balloons

Assessing the 2019-2020 Colorado and western Nebraska unsolved UAV drone sightings: While the Chinese spy balloons from early February 2023 are still fresh in the collective American memory, many may have forgotten about the strange and widely undiscussed drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that breached U.S. airspace in early 2020 – understandably so, seeing

Treason Allegations Against U.S. Gen. Mattis From Trump Administration

Allegations are coming out alleging that Defense Secretary Gen. Mattis may have known about Chinese spy balloons that flew over the United States during Trump’s presidency – opted not to inform the President. U.S. Gen Mattis was the Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump from January 2017 to December 2018. However, he resigned from

Republicans To Clean up Military if They Get the Majority

Republicans will be working to clean up the U.S military if they are able to win back the majority in Congress after this year’s midterm elections. According to Rep. Jim Banks R-Ind., stated “I think it’s one of our very top priorities to clean up the mess the administration has made with the excessive