White House On The Chinese Spy Balloons And Weekend Activity

During a press briefing at the White House Monday afternoon John Kirby, NSC Strategic Communications Coordinator, gave an update on the Chinese spy balloons and the events that occurred over the weekend. After giving a briefing of what occurred over the weekend, and listing what the President was doing he took questions. Members of the press at the White House during the briefing were hard on Kirby, even asking why they were not hearing from President Biden as this was such an unprecedented situation.

What is being done?

  • U.S. airspaces are continuing to be monitored
  • U.S. Government agencies are expecting to consult with allies and partners across the country and the world to gather information on the objects flying in our airspaces.
  • The White House will continue to brief congress and even state leaders when they deem it is necessary.
  • Inter-agent teams are set to be created in order to better understand the objects we have found and future objects we may find.

Are our borders safe?
According to John Kirby, they are. He said that Biden has made the borders a top priority and that they believe citizens are safe and have never been in any danger. The balloons that were shot down over the states this weekend, were shot down due to a risk to U.S. commercial flights – though without risk to U.S. citizens.


Kirby however would not give any answers on how the spy balloons were surveilling or if they were sending signals back to China. Leaving many questions unanswered on the actual purpose and missions of these balloons. Though Kirby did state that there are no active tracks in the air at this time. And he did mention the U.S., as opposed to what China has said, does not have any balloons over China or any of their territories.

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