Shocking Polling Numbers Show Danger For Biden 2024 (Only 28% Believe He’s Mentally Competent)

Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

According to the latest NBC News polling data on the now 80-year-old President Biden, those who were polled showed some tough numbers to overcome in 2024. While Real Clear Politics currently shows President Biden at a 43.8% approval rate, there is an 8.5% difference in those who disapprove of him, as Biden is currently sitting at a 52.3% approval rating.

For a President that is touted for having a record-high number of votes cast for him in 2020, roughly over 81 million, largely due to his promise of being the unifying President the media said the country needed, many don’t feel the same. Currently, NBC News is showing that only 23% of those surveyed believe that Biden is uniting the country.

However, the polling data only gets worse for Biden.


Some of Biden’s worse scores come when surveyed about whether respondents believed Biden to be honest and trustworthy (34%), As we’ve seen in the Afghanistan pullout as well as Biden consistently falling under pressure to send more funds and resources to Ukraine, om 32% of respondents trust in Biden’s ability to handle a crisis.

The next two scares are among the worst a President can receive.

When asked about the mental and physical health of President Biden, only 28% of respondents believed he is adequate for the job. Along with respondents’ skepticism of Biden’s mental and physical health of the now 80-year-old President, only 31% of respondents believed Biden is a competent and effective as President (31%.)

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