Supreme Court Refuses to Block Lower Court Ruling That Stopped Biden’s Immigration Changes

The court left in place a lower ruling that stopped the Biden administration from setting new enforcement priorities for illegal immigrants, delaying the issue until early December when it will hear oral arguments.

According to NBC News:

The court denied an emergency request from the Justice Department to put a hold on a ruling issued by a federal judge in Texas, which had stopped the Department of Homeland Security from focusing its enforcement efforts on undocumented immigrants considered to pose the greatest threat.


A similar directive setting enforcement policy was in effect during the Obama administration, but it was replaced by a more aggressive approach during the Trump administration, which took the position that a broad range of people here illegally should be deported. Under President Joe Biden, DHS sought to restore the earlier priorities.

Texas and Louisiana sued to block the revised policy. They said it required border states to shoulder a greater enforcement burden and would put a financial strain on state social service budgets.

The states also said the policy would not require the detention of the worst offenders, including those convicted of crimes of moral turpitude, drug offenders, or human traffickers. Instead, the policy directed that they be subjected to the same “totality of the facts and circumstances analysis” as other undocumented immigrants, lawyers for the states said.

U.S. District Court Judge Drew Tipton ruled for the states, imposing a nationwide injunction forbidding the government to enforce the Mayorkas policy. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, based in New Orleans, allowed Tipton’s order to remain intact, so the Biden administration sought a stay from the Supreme Court.

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24 days ago

The Demon-crats want more illegal aliens to come to America So their illegal votes can be bought through social welfare programs.

22 days ago

So the sieve keeps getting more open all the time this goes on…what a tragedy for American citizens. Get Victor Hansen’s new book, ” The Dying Citizen”…it spells out historically how all this has happened and is continuing under the Biden administration.

barney rice
barney rice
22 days ago

the Dems Will Never Do One Thing OR Pass One Bill that Will Help Our Country IN Anyway AS They Want Our Country To Die For Their Globalist Masters New World Order Which can Not Happen AS Long As America Still Stands

20 days ago
Reply to  barney rice

YES! This is absolutely true. America is standing in the way of or blocking the Globalists way of establishing their New World Order. The Globalist Masters NWO MUST be stopped NOW!!!

19 days ago

Anything and everything that benefits the illegal invaders will always be a priority issue for this administration. Some even give a straight face lie and say that the border is secure yet thousands of illegal invaders just walk in daily.

19 days ago

Let November be the first step into getting our country back and pass legislation to remove illegal invaders

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