Durham Accuses Clinton Campaign of Using FBI as ‘Political Tool’

Special Counsel John Durham’s team opened is argument against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann today with strong accusations.

Sussmann is charged with making false statements to the FBI regarding opposition research he was allegedly working on for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

According to Fox News, he told the FBI that he was not working for any client when he attended a meeting with former FBI Counsel James Baker to allege a link between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, which has ties to the Kremlin.


Durham’s case says Sussmann was in fact working for two clients: the Hillary Clinton campaign and a cybersecurity executive by the name of Rodney Joffe.

Sussmann reportedly billed the Clinton campaign for his work following the meeting with Baker.

Federal prosecutor Deborah Brittain Shaw delivered the opening argument, saying that in bringing his allegations to the FBI, Sussmann “bypassed normal channels” and fed Baker lies that were “designed to achieve political” ends and “designed to inject the FBI into the election.”

She stated the government planned to show throughout the trial that Sussmann’s lie was part of a “bigger plan” meant to “create an October surprise on the eve of the presidential election.”

“A plan that used and manipulated the FBI. A plan that the defendant hoped would trigger news outlets and trigger an FBI investigation,” Shaw said. “A plan that largely succeeded.”

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Dr Katz
Dr Katz
1 year ago

Forget Hillarys lawyer, she is just as guilty and needs to be locked up in prison. Maybe she can run for president of her cell block.

Nine Island Girl
Nine Island Girl
1 year ago

OMG, I’m so, so, so sick of this stupidity. Durham has been at this for years and that’s the best he can do???
Go after the bottom dweller when the true culprit is in plain sight?
This is so upsetting!

1 year ago

Well, that’s just it: there are a myriad of ‘true culprits’ in The Swamp. So who you gonna go after first? The corruption is too widespread. I fear we have lost a nation if an entire political party except for a few brave souls has turned communist.

Michele Henson
Michele Henson
1 year ago
Reply to  Jawad

I agree.
I, unfortunately…, believe we have lost the Constitutional Republic & what we’re feeling (inflation, shortages, etc) are the growing pains that a country feels when changing its system of gov’t.
We’re going Socialist, Marxist, Maoism, Communism. (Put your “ism” of choice there.)

The Gov’t machine IS the Deep State, corrupted gov’t that our founders warned us about.
They hold the power to set up their political dissenters at this point.
Censor free speech.
And set up & imprison people of opposite opinions. (Jan 6th)
Steal your vote at will.
Reeducate your children & imprison YOU for objections.
etc, etc, etc.
And the “fourth pilar” – media; is all propaganda!

Game over. 😪

1 year ago

The ‘true culprit’ has covered herself well behind her legions of lawyers. Don’t expect the blade to fall on her, she’s very practiced in making sure it can only fall on the underlings. The MOST important thing is to figure out a way to force mainstream media to report ACCURATELY on the investigation, the culprits and the results. The millions who still believe the ‘Russian collusion’ narrative need to be SHOWN they were lied to by multiple elected Democrats and the mainstream media-just as they were about the Hunter Biden laptop story.

1 year ago

One step at a time. Durham has faced nothing but obstruction from the DNC, the Clinton campaign, the law firm of Perkins Coie AND the FBI as he has tried to get documents and phones he knows they have. Sussmann has tried to claim that communications between him, Perkins Coie, Elias, Neustar and Rodney Joffe should be restricted because of attorney/client privilege, though his email to Baker stated specifically that he was NOT acting as a legal representative for anyone. It’s a huge, complicated mess, which is exactly why the Clinton campaign followed old tactics of using a law firm to do its dirty work.
Want a good read on this, go to the New York Post 5-13-2022-One lie that hides an enormous conspiracy: Inside the trial that exposes Clinton’s plot to slander Trump. REMEMBER—it was the NYP that published the Hunter laptop story that so many called ‘Russian’ disinformation as they squashed the story–AND that it turned out to be TRUE.

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