Secretary of Health and Human Services Says Children Should ‘Decide for Themselves’ on Sex Change Surgery

President Joe Biden’s HHS Secretary says minor children should be allowed to undergo irreversible operations as part of their “gender-affirming care”.

Xavier Becerra was questioned during a Senate committee on Wednesday about the Biden administration’s endorsement of “gender-affirming care” for questioning minors, which includes puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and sex change surgeries.

According to the Daily Caller, Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) asked Becerra under what circumstance it would be appropriate to perform irreversible sex change surgeries on minor children.


“Those decisions are made by that individual, in consultation with a physician, and caregivers, and no decision would be made without having consulted appropriately,” Becerra answered.

Braun then asked if off-label prescriptions of puberty blockers are potentially dangerous for children. The FDA has not approved puberty blocking medication for gender transition purposes.

Becerra said the FDA was looking into puberty blockers and would take action if a treatment was being misused, seemingly implying that the FDA would not interfere in off-label use of the medicine on minors.

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Daniel Rhoads
11 days ago

Doesn’t this sound like that both CHEATER Joe Biden and the CHEATER Criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership want to create a new American Communist Dictatorship here in America and all of us their American Communist SLAVES, adding also their new Ministry of Truth”!!! That is exactly what they want with their radical far left-wing agenda, period!!!!…

Sandra Lee Smith
Sandra Lee Smith
11 days ago

Chldren do not have the intellectual or emotional development to make those decisions. Far too many adults find, too late they’ve made horrible mistakes doing so; how much more so children when the reach maturity, & realize what they got lied into? Think their suicide rate is high now? Just wait….

11 days ago

Little children have no business in these matters In fact, raising these issues only shows how sick minded Biden and his sicko freaks really are. Decent people should consider culling these creeps from our society. As for abortion most of the activists supporters have no clue for the issue…when did killing a baby in the womb become a right for women . Except for instances of child deformity and failure at birth control this is a sick excuse for baby or mother. Better than that ask yourself why Democrats are so for the matter…they are all sick jerks!

11 days ago

Dickie Levine can choke on his estrogen pills and go to hell as far as I’m concerned, as can any fool who wants to ram gender reassignment down any child’s throat.

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