Bezos Donates $100 Million to Obama Foundation

White House Photographer Pete Souza

Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos is entering the Democrat fray with a $100 million donation to the Obama Foundation.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Faced with scorn from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos appears ready to “grease” his way into the Democratic establishment with a $100 million donation to the Obama Foundation, according to Puck News.


The donation was arranged by Amazon executive and former Obama press secretary Jay Carney. The no-strings-attached gift comes as Bezos faces growing opposition from the left. The gift is the largest ever made to the foundation, which has chosen to forgo the traditional presidential library in favor of building a privately managed presidential center.

Bezos’s donation comes at a difficult political moment for Amazon. Lawmakers from both parties fault the company for its poor treatment of workers and abuse of its market power. The company has also come under fire for banning conservative voices. This year, Amazon banned a book that criticizes transgender ideology and blocked an ad for a book that criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bezos has tasked Carney, who served as then-vice president Joe Biden’s communications director, to ingratiate Amazon with Democratic lawmakers. Under Carney’s leadership, Amazon’s lobbying team has grown from about two dozen to 250 members. Reuters reported Friday that Carney has successfully lobbied to kill privacy protections for consumers in 25 states.

Obama’s library will be the first run by a partisan non-profit. Usually, the National Archives and Records Administration runs the center. Bezos’s gift along with his ex-wife Mackenzie Scott and Bill and Melinda Gates have open criticism of it becoming a partisan slush fund. Think the Clinton Foundation.

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1 year ago

How pathetic!

1 year ago

Another cogent demonstration and reminder that great wealth is no guarantor of wisdom. Wealth is power; power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Peter K Baker
Peter K Baker
1 year ago

The longest most stringent draconian COVID restrictions and California is the first infection in the U.S. on Omicron strain. We in California are looking stupid, San Francisco is looking like the village idiot and Now Governor former Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom is looking like the king of the village idiots. I can only wonder how all those red states are going to rip up on California considering all the things the media said about them.

11 months ago

Chicago politics as usual. The Obama ‘library’ complex is being built in Jackson Park in Chicago which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Advocates for preserving the park as well as evaluations by the site committee recommended the library be located on vacant land near Washington Park. Instead the Obama team decided on taking 20 acres of wooded land in Jackson Park, the city of Chicago transferred that public land to the private foundation through a 99 year lease, tax free.
Multiple news outlets in Chicago have reported that acreage is being clear cut, meaning thousands of existing trees are being removed, including many heritage trees over a century old. The Obama’s project had the option of clear acreage that would not have required destruction of a part of a historical park. Imagine if a Republican president had done this. The outrage would have been nationwide as would a $100 million dollar ‘donation’ to assist in that destruction.

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