Rapper Pitbull Slams America’s Haters

Rapper Pitbull has a message for those who hate America, especially those who hate the country from within.

According to The Daily Wire:

Rapper Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, slammed those who do not like the United States during what appears to be a recent performance.


“To whoever the f*** doesn’t like the United States of America, may God bless you, but f*** you at the same time,” Pitbull said. “If you don’t like the United States of America, go back to the countries that we the f*** from, and you’ll see how much you appreciate the United States of America.”

Pitbull, who is Cuban, made the comments at a concert, and video of the remarks went viral late last week.

“The reason I can have this conversation is because my family comes from communism, they fled communism, they had everything taken away from them, everybody got murdered, everybody got killed,” Pitbull said during an interview last year. “That’s the reason me, being a first-generation Cuban-American … I look at freedom and I appreciate that s***. I appreciate opportunity. I appreciate anything that you give me. … And, that comes from the fact that when Castro took over everything, and I’m looking at what’s going on right now — the only person here that’s hot … it’s Castro. He’s going, ‘Y’all did it with a virus? S***. Y’all took over the world with a virus? Y’all gotta be kidding me.’”

People who come from communist or socialist countries seem to all share the same sentiment as Pitbull. And they are always fighting middle-class suburban kids who want to try it again.
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1 year ago

I am always happy to hear from people who know Socialism/Communism for what it really is. Our educational system has been and still is brainwashing young people, so they have no idea how rotten it really is. Since history of America and other countries aren’t taught, our children and adults are totally ignorant of the truth. Now we have the Marxists destroying the most amazing Republic, based on the brilliant founders who believed in personal independence and freedom to create their own lives, not dependent on corrupt government. American Marxists tell you everything will be free. Just the opposite is true. You will never know freedom again, if you let them take over, which is what the Obama regime started and the Biden regime is continuing. Trump broke that after Obama was out, but the deep interests couldn’t have that, so Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for a story to slander Donald Trump with the help of a Englishman who had ties to Russia and was only to happy to write lies. And our government colluded with him and Hillary Clinton.These people only want slaves to rob them of their hard earned money and rule them with huge taxes and regulations, taking away their freedoms and having a monster government that will assure them of all future elections, just as they do in Communist countries. Parents have to teach their children that these are all lies, which they have been told in schools and universities.
Covid is one of their big lies. There were treatments that if used earlier would have saved lives, but they wouldn’t give them, because the vaccine meant trillions of dollars to big Pharma and Congress who had shares in these giant corporations. Climate change is another. Climate does change, it always has, the lie is that people, or animals are responsible. Utter nonsense, just another way to get more money. These people don’t stop driving expensive cars or stop flying in private jets. They believe they can persuade people to believe their lies, and unfortunately they do. It’s time to awake to the sham, the hoax, the phony stories.

1 year ago

People like this AOC, they come here and they find oppoprtunities they never would have in the country they came from yet they bad mouth us and how we do things. I have no use for them much less patience. All of them can get the hell out of this country. WE NEVER ASKED FOR YOU TO COME HERE AND WE DAMN SURE DON’T NEED YOUR ATTITUDE.

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