Biden’s Mistakes are Harming Democrat Running for Governor

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Joe Biden is doing so poorly it is harming Terry McAullife’s chances of winning election in Virginia.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

The nonpartisan political forecaster long held that Democratic nominee and former governor Terry McAuliffe had an advantage in the increasingly blue state. It changed its prediction to a tossup in light of recent polls that show either a lead for Republican Glenn Youngkin or a narrow McAuliffe lead within a margin of error.


One major reason for the shift, Cook political analyst Jessica Taylor wrote Friday, is Biden’s now-underwater approval rating. A Gallup poll released Wednesday shows that only 43 percent of nationwide voters approve of the president’s performance. A recent Washington Post poll found that Biden’s numbers have similarly tanked in Virginia, a state he won easily in 2020, with a 51 percent disapproval rating.

Cook Political Report editor Amy Walter wrote Thursday that voters have soured on Biden because they “don’t see the ‘return to normal'” the Democrat promised after former president Donald Trump’s four years in office.

Biden “botched” the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, is now facing “more chaos on the southern border,” and has left the country still “anxious and divided” over COVID-19, Walter noted. Legislation for his domestic agenda, meanwhile, has “dissolved into intra-party fighting,” while he “looks more like a helpless bystander than an experienced Capitol Hill dealmaker.”

Youngkin’s advertisements about being tough on crime could also help shift suburban voters in his favor, according to the report.

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Philip Hammersley
Philip Hammersley
1 year ago

Why would anyone with a normal IQ vote for “Punk” McAuliffe? Pro-infanticide, pro-gun control, pro-CRT, pro-sexual confusion, et al.

1 year ago

Let’s think this through a bit. The Democrats are doing NOTHING to engage the support of all but a very few in America. Hey are not going to invest in a campaign, when they can cancel all elections a declare themselves the one and only ‘authorized party’ in America. The discarded the key concept of a ‘loyal opposition’ long ago, and will not All other parties will be outlawed. With the firepower of the military and the armed Federal agencies (most of them are armed) they will end all notion of a Republican Party.

Unless we band together NOW and set about ENSURING, by force of the American will, that elections WILL be held in EVERY County in America on time and without fraud.

It is going to take some sacrifice and brain power. Now, get on with it!

William Petite
William Petite
1 year ago

That would be the one good thing Biden has done, But I wont hold my breath, those who control the process, control the outcome,
In Calif they changed the process, and now, send a ballot to every household, for mail in voting, We will have to wait and see. Only the ill informed would every vote for a Dem,
Today they are repeating Germany’s Nazi history, people thought that would never happen again. But it is happening right now, a little bit at a time. Now the Healthy are the enemy, those dirty none vax people, putting everyone in danger. LOL

Daniel Rhoads
1 year ago

The greatest asset the Republican Party Mob has in the 2022 and 2024 elections is CHEATER Joe Biden and his massive failures in ever thing he pushes or policy he tries to force on we, the free American people!!! Please do not get rid of him for his approval rating from we, the American people, will be at less than 10% by 2022!!!!! Massive landslide victory for Republican Party victory winning possibly a massive Veto proof Congress against CHEATER Joe Biden in the 2022 election!!!! They got it coming!!!!

1 year ago

U can’t fix stupid, with dumb and dumber, the entire socialist,marxist,party is about to implode, because their trying to bankrupt the country with the green deal that will actually hurt us more. U can’t make enough green energy to fullfill America’s needs to keep the lights on and stay warm/cool. Texas was a perfect example earlier this yr when the wind turbines froze and the sun didn’t shine, figure out pretty simple we need natural gas, cleanest and cheapest fuel, that we had plenty of until hidenbiden, incompetent, embarrassing,disgrace, killed it all.

James Burns
James Burns
9 months ago
Reply to  Joe

Nuclear energy the answer. Safe clean economical

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