This Trump Crackdown Could Cost China $250 Million

A crackdown on slave labor could cost China $250 million according to a new report.

As The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Trump administration banned the import of up to $250 million worth of Chinese goods produced using the forced labor of Uighurs as part of its ongoing effort to oppose Chinese human-rights abuses, according to a top national security official.


The Department of Homeland Security slapped import bans on goods produced by five Xinjiang-based industrial parks and companies suspected of using Uighur forced labor on Monday. Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary for the DHS, said that the bans—which he said will affect between $200 to $250 million worth of goods annually—are just a start. He confirmed that an unprecedented region-wide ban of all Xinjiang-sourced goods is currently in the works, pending the resolution of legal questions about such a ban.

“This order is intended to disrupt trade,” Cuccinelli said. “The president strongly believes the American people are more than supportive of absorbing those sorts of disruptions in exchange for being able to interrupt the use of slave labor.”

The DHS import ban will target a variety of goods, from hair products to cotton to computer parts. Cuccinelli stressed that the sanctions are “immediately appealing” for their stance in favor of human rights, as well as their protection of American businesses that do not rely on slave labor.

The Trump administration issued orders to protect American businesses and workers.


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2 years ago

Good! Hope it bankrupts the Chinese.

2 years ago

” as well as their protection of American businesses that do not rely on slave labor.”
Quoted from the above article.
What will you call when
(1) Medical Resident Students are asked to falsify their time sheets to reflect no more than 12 hours in spite of longer hours worked;
(2) Salaried employees are instructed to report no more than 40 hours/week in spite of additional time worked to finish assignments that require longer than the management personnel thought.

This forced volunteerism has impact on the morale of the worker, the impact on the worker’s health, and really detrimental to the quality of service and health of the served in the case of (1) above.

2 years ago
Reply to  Timbuktu58

Union rules prohibit that which you describe but the outsourcing of jobs by NAFTA ( Signed by Slick Willie Clinton ) decimated the last of these, Unions are mostly a hollow shell and few members left. Students have been deprived of their rights under the law by not being able to declare bankruptcy in the matter of repayment of student loans. This last by your liberal educators who hog in the money making their students vassals without rights. It has been coming for a long time for them. Back to the theme of the article, the Chinese have gotten all the work that our union labor used to do here and our heavy and light industry is GONE! We are dependent on foreign products which is what the company bosses wanted looking for cheap labor. It has bit us in the rear like an ungrateful cur dog. The elitist one worlders set this up and the way out is a tough road. Biden’s party promises free everything without saying who will pay because NOTHING is free! Trump is a crass businessman but he is more for the American Worker than the deep state enslavers we now have. I saw it coming in 64 when Barry Goldwater told how we would have to gird up to counter threats from the communists. Lyndon Johnson promised us “The Great Society”. He was elected and shipped all the young men off to Vietnam to get killed for nothing. He micromanaged that war into a defeat for our armed forces and here is your great society.

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