White House to Host ‘Made in America’ Event to Counter Biden

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The White House will host a “Made in America” event to counter the Biden campaign’s push to corner the “buy American” slogan.

According to Fox News:

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump is expected to host the fourth “Made in America” event at the White House next month, featuring American-made products and American-based companies from all 50 states.

“Over the past four years, President Trump has taken unprecedented action to empower American workers, bring manufacturing jobs back to the country, increase the production of domestic-made goods, and energize the American economy,” White House spokesman Judd Deere told Fox News.


“The president looks forward to hosting incredible companies and their American-made products representing all 50 United States at the White House next month for what has become an annual event,” Deere added.

Biden in July announced his own “made in America” push — proposing spending $700 billion on American products and research in the hopes of bringing back millions of jobs lost amid the pandemic.

Both campaigns are in a heated battle to own the phrase and only time will tell who voters believe will keep the promise.

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3 years ago

It would be good to show what is made in America, and what could be made in America! I am so tired of foreign “Junk”!

3 years ago

Joe Biden is a farce, after 47 years of sucking $$$ tax payers, only the indoctrinated young people can listen to this (can’t find proper adjective) this man is a useless and tired individual full of lies and frauds and have no moral boundaries, if he had any shame left he would retire to his family and hide from the public, Oh and since he claims to be catholic then can meditate on all his scandals for his day of judgement, we all need to prepare for that day.

Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
3 years ago

The democrats clearly still think we are all stupid. Biden says he will create American jobs, despite being a major part of giving those jobs away in the first place. They also think we have forgotten that the jobs, unemployment, welfare, all of these categories were at record best levels, before the democrats deliberately destroyed our economy but shutting the nation down, like commie countries do, and claiming the virus was a lot worse than it really is. If Biden were to win, the virus would magically be defeated within a week, and there would be thousands more welfare programs, but no more jobs.

3 years ago

As part of this event, pin a “Made in China” sign on Hunter Biden.

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