Surpeme Court Stops Dems From Speeding Up Crusade for Trump’s Financial Docs

The Supreme Court refused to allow the Democrats to speed up their legal battle to obtain President Trump’s financial information.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

The decision means that the chances of congressional investigators obtaining Trump’s financial records ahead of the November election, which were already remote, are even lower. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the only member of the Court to note her dissent.


The Supreme Court dealt a blow to the House earlier this month when it sent legal disputes over its subpoenas to Trump’s accounting firm and partner financial institutions back to lower courts for another round of litigation. The Court’s decisions take effect 25 days after they come down. House Democrats on July 13 asked the Court to put the ruling into effect immediately, or in legal parlance, “issue the judgments.”

In legal filings, House lawyers emphasized that every day between now and January 2021 matters a great deal for their efforts to enforce their subpoenas. That’s because the House is dissolved and reconstituted every two years after federal elections, meaning the contested subpoenas will die when the current Congress ends on Jan. 3. What’s more, congressional Democrats say they are eager to enact legislation protecting the integrity of November’s general election.

“Immediate issuance of this Court’s judgments would accelerate the proceedings in the lower courts so that the committees may obtain the materials necessary to undertake any needed legislative reforms as quickly as possible,” congressional lawyers told the justices.

The decision follows a blockbuster double decision from the Supreme Court, one giving access to a prosecuting attorney and the other denying access to Congess on a separation of powers basis.

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