Trump Campaign Hires White House Aide to Oversee Rallies

The Trump campaign has hired a close White House aide to President Trump to see the campaign’s signature rallies.

According to The Hill:

The Trump campaign is bringing on a White House official to help organize its rallies and oversee its advance team as part of an ongoing staff shake-up.


The campaign announced Wednesday that Max Miller will serve as deputy campaign manager for presidential operations and will be responsible for all campaign events that involve President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence or other “notable figures.”

Miller has been serving as the deputy assistant to the president, leading the White House’s advance team, and will answer to Campaign Manager Brad Parscale and Deputy Campaign Manager Bill Stepien.

“I am proud to welcome Max to the team that is going to re-elect President Trump less than four months from today,” Parscale said. “Every day, our campaign grows in strength, and Max’s wealth of experience and expertise is an important addition to our team’s world-class advance efforts.”

The shakeup comes after the first rally since lockdown in Tulsa, Oklahoma failed to meet expectations.

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Charles Nicholson
Charles Nicholson
3 years ago

Why not explain the reason for rally not being as expected? What about Tik-Tok (?) and other liberal groups getting all tickets to keep attendance at rally down?! TV ,etc viewer numbers were more then abundant!

Gideon Rockwell
Gideon Rockwell
3 years ago

Anti-Trump billionaires are having their minions get all the tickets they can for the rallies yet the T.V. viewing share reports show the truth. Trump is even more popular than he was in 2016, and the further the left descend into Marxism the more his popularity grows. A vote for any Democrat is a vote for Marxism.

Jim Wildrick Jr
Jim Wildrick Jr
3 years ago

The left’s constant attack on President Trump only strengthens our support for him in November.We will do our up most best to re-elect him.Our country depends on his re-election.

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