UNUSUAL: Polish Leader to Visit Trump Days Before Polish Election

In an unusual move, Polish President Andrzej Duda will visit Washington and meet with President Trump.

The move is viewed as unusual because it comes just days before the Polish presidential election.

According to The Hill:


President Trump will welcome Polish President Andrzej Duda to the White House on Wednesday, the first visit of a foreign head of state since March during the coronavirus pandemic.

Duda’s visit to Washington is viewed as highly unusual given its proximity to the Polish presidential election. Duda, the country’s right-wing leader, is facing an unexpectedly tight reelection battle and will appear at the White House just four days before he competes for a second term.

“There is an unwritten rule in U.S. diplomacy — you don’t invite people in the middle of electoral campaigns to Washington,” said Daniel Fried, former U.S. ambassador to Poland, who was deeply critical of the White House for the timing of the meeting. “You don’t want to be seen as putting your thumb on the scale.”

Molly Montgomery, a nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution and former adviser to Vice President Mike Pence on Europe, said she viewed the decision to hold the meeting “as very much an intentional effort by the White House to support a leader who Trump views as a personal ally.”

The meeting is occurring after President Trump made the decision to pull some troops from Germany and amid speculation that those troops could be relocated to Poland.


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