Senate GOP Reveal Proposal to Reform the Police

Senate GOP members revealed their plan to reform the police on Wednesday.

According to The Hill:

The bill comes amid growing signs of urgency from within the Senate GOP caucus to respond to weeks of calls for reforms sparked by the death of George Floyd, who was killed while detained by Minneapolis police.


“We find ourselves at a place with a package that I think speaks to the families that I spoke with yesterday that lost loved ones, we hear you. I think this package speaks very clearly to the young person who is concerned when he’s stopped by the law enforcement officers, we see you,” said Scott, one of three African Americans in the Senate and the only Republican.

Scott said the bill focuses on three areas: data collection, training and officer misconduct and transparency.

In language that largely lines up with President Trump‘s executive order, the bill would block state and local law enforcement departments from getting COPS and Byrne grants if they do not have a ban on chokeholds in place.

Democrats are also working on a bill of their own which would address qualified immunity, a legal doctrine that absolves public officials of liability, while the GOP bill did not tackle that.


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