GOP Opposition Awaits Trump’s Infrastructure Push

President Trump wants an infrastructure bill to make its way through Congress but it appears that it will face opposition from his own party.

According to The Hill:

President Trump’s election-year push for a $1 trillion infrastructure spending bill to boost the struggling economy faces strong opposition from Senate Republicans.


GOP senators are warning that Trump’s expected proposal is too “rich” and would be a “heavy lift” in Congress, especially considering significant policy differences between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

House Democratic leaders have vowed to approve a surface transportation bill with a price tag around $500 billion over five years by the end of this month, which could put pressure on the GOP-led Senate. The House Transportation Committee is scheduled to start marking up that bill Wednesday.

McConnell has repeatedly warned about the impact of the surging federal deficit on future generations and has put the brakes on passing another expensive coronavirus relief bill. McConnell’s more pressing priority, say GOP senators, is to move a five-year reauthorization of the Highway Trust Fund estimated to cost $287 billion, well below the $1 trillion plan Trump is currently considering.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said that the bill the Senate GOP comes up with will be a lot less than the $1 Trillion President Trump wants.

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Frances Weingarten
Frances Weingarten
3 years ago

I don’t known why the senate isn’t supporting Trump’s attempt to prevent Veteran suicides!

3 years ago

This is such an easy choice, take the billions of tax dollars the commiecrats are giving to illegals, lazy welfare bums, and the thousands of other welfare programs they are wasting money on, put that toward things that are actually needed, such as infrastructure, jobs,security, etc.

Tony Winters
Tony Winters
3 years ago

I find it amazing that Congress, both houses and both parties spend most of their time and our money sitting on their butts. If any other American spent as much time goofing off at their job as or Elected Representatives do we would get fired in a week instead of making over $175,000 a year plus benefits.
They say that they think that what the President is asking is too much and yet after almost 4 Years they have done nothing about the US Infrastructure that they were supposed to fix when President Trump took office and we are still waiting. Of course, the Democrats didn’t have any problem giving the Kennedy Center $25 Million, whereupon receiving this money they immediately laid off all of their employees. The President talks about getting America Back To Work, what I would like to know is when the hell is congress going to go to work. You can’t get back to something that you haven’t been doing.

3 years ago

I am sick of those lazy bums. We need to have published what bills the a holes were there to vote on , and how they voted and it needs to be REQUIRED to be published in the local newspapers. The a– holes need to be held accountable.

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