Trump Campaign Announces Temp Checks and Masks for Rally Attendees

The Trump campaign has announced that rally attendees will be provided with masks and will have to undergo temperature checks.

According to The Hill:

Attendees at President Trump‘s rally in Oklahoma on Saturday will be given temperature checks, masks and hand sanitizer before entering the arena, the campaign said Monday, the first indication that there will be any precautions taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus.


Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted the checklist, boasting that there had been more than 1 million requests for tickets for the Tulsa rally. The BOK Center, which will host the rally, holds roughly 19,000 people.

Tickets are free and can be requested by anyone regardless of whether they intend to go to the event. But the requests serve as as a significant source of data for the campaign.

Public health experts have pointed to wearing face coverings as one of the best ways to help slow the spread of the virus. But Trump has personally chafed at the optics of wearing a mask, making it unclear how many of his supporters will actually wear one at Saturday’s event.

Newspapers around the country pushed stories about health officials raising alarms over the rally while championing protesters.

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